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The premise of cookieless domains is that one can speed up an HTTP transaction and the amount of entities downloaded at the same time to increase the rendering time of a page. This seems perfectly rational when we take a look at the logic behind it. We'll take a look at if this actually does speed up your websi Read More... Comments.

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Understanding how to fully utilize bash's history functions are paramount to being able to quickly recall commands and navigate the terminal. This article focuses on the lesser-known commands built into bash for speed of recalling previous comman Read More... Comments.

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Believe it or not, most interviews aren't actually about finding out if you're good at what you do or not. They're mostly about finding out if you're a good person.

Lying on your resume can make this process go very badly when you meet The Technical Interview Read More... Comments.

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Between opening a number of shells and running a screen multiplexer like screen there are many ways people utilize terminals to run multiple commands at once. Bash provides its own built-in way of handling this: Job Control.

Each process being executed is a child process of the bash shell. Job Control allows you to attach and detach from the child process Read More... Comments.

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The ability to string together data between processes and controlling where it comes from and goes to is ultimately a very large aspect of what makes Linux and Unix systems great. In this article we will take a look at the methods for doing so as well as describe where this data is coming from and going. A solid understanding of redirection and file descriptors is mandatory for any systems administrator or programmer working with a UNIX-like syst Read More... Comments.