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The HTTP protocol is rather powerful in and of itself. This is often forgotten as application developers incorporate caching technologies into their code itself. As useful as SQL Query caching and application-level internal caching is, HTTP provides its own caching functions that we would be remiss not to utili Read More... Comments.

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SSH is one of the most widely used protocols for connecting to remote shells. While there are numerous SSH clients the most-used still remains OpenSSH's ssh. There is a plethora of tips and tricks that can be used to make your experience even better than it already is. Read on to discover some of the best tweaks to your favorite SSH clie Read More... Comments.

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In the world of UNIX text is king. Almost anything one wants to know about a system can be gathered from reading a file. Often times that file can be a few thousand lines long. Sometimes it can be twelve million lines long.

This is where text processing comes in. Text processing aims to do one thing: given a source of information answer a questio Read More... Comments.