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Most companies have a method of storing passwords and configuration details in a configuration file. For programmers working on on DBIx::Class, this usually means writing your own functions to load a configuration file and supplying them to ->connect(). If you're working on something like a web framework, chances are you're writing something similar like Dancer's Plugin::DBIC or Catalyst's Model::DBIC::Schema.

DBIx::Class::Schema::Config can be added to any DBIC Schema to allow it to connect to a database with pre-configured credentials in any format that Config::Any recognizes, takes one additional line of code in a schema file, one change to your ->connect() statement, and takes less than a minute to configure after it's been instal Read More... Comments.

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Not every module is created perfectly and you may want to review the code you're loading into your project, identify bugs or generally poke around.

While multiple versions of a given module may be installed, finding the version you're using is rather simple if you let Perl itself tell y Read More... Comments.

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Modern web browsers support a plethora of plugins to allow content to be displayed inline; once upon a time your mp3 and pdf files would prompt a download box, now more-often than not they are displayed inside the browser.

While no one is arguing that the advancements of inline content displayed in web browsers are not without merit (okay, maybe you can tone down some of the flash...), a webmaster may occasionally wish to force a download box to pop up for one reason or anoth Read More... Comments.

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Stalker is an irssi plugin to correlate information on an IRC network and discover users' previously used nicknames. The concept is fairly straightforward: given a nickname identify previously used hostnames. From those hostnames, extract all nicknames they have used. Repeat until you have identified all nicknames a user might have used. The advantage of this method over the more traditional given a hostname identify all nicknames it has used is that you can identify nicknames across hostmask address Read More... Comments.

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SymPullCDN leverages the free bandwidth, storage and power of Google AppEngine to create a trivial to implement reverse proxy. It has been released to the public for free on gith Read More... Comments.